UR обвинили Армина в плагиате.

Детройтское техно-подполье Underground Resistance на прошедших выходных объявило, что звезда транс-сцены Армин ван Бюрен «крадет культуру». Легендарная команда имела ввиду логотип и название UR, которые ван Бюрен использовал в анонсе своей новой резиденции в клубе Hï Ibiza, которая стартует по средам c 21 июня.

«Разве это не стыд? Что случилось с электронной креативностью? Какого хрена теперь все это завязано на деньгах??» — говорилось в посте Underground Resistance на фейсбуке.

Позднее, Армин отреагировал на обвинения, сказав, что название его резиденции «U R» не имеет ничего общего с детройтским коллективом и лейблом, а является старым концептом голландца под названием Universal Religion. Логотип же был создан в рамках дизайна бренда Armin van Buuren. При этом артист уточнил, что после консультаций решено не менять логотип Universal Religion. Полностью ответ ван Бюрена можно прочитать здесь.



7-9 июля 2017 года состоится грандиозное мероприятие посвященное музыке и инновациям, а именно Alfa Future People


Свежий воздух и яркое солнце. Тайный аэродром на берегу Волги. Музыка, которая меняет настроение. Технологии, которые меняют мир. Что нужно, чтобы услышать и увидеть будущее? Все просто. Быть на фестивале Alfa Future People

1.MADONNA - Celebration (Benny Benassi Remix)
2.DEADMAU5 - Ghost'n'Stuff (Sub Focus Remix)
3.YEAH YEAH YEAHS - Heads Will Roll (A-Trak Remix)
4.MSTRKRFT - Heartbreaker (Laidback Luke Remix)
5.SCOOTER - J'adore Hardcore
9.SUB FOCUS - Rock It
10.ARMIN VAN BUUREN - Broken Tonight

Kiko Martinez

Started 20 years ago, when Valencia was internationally considered one of the points of reference of musical avantgarde. In his early years, combining his work as a DJ in various local clubs with his somewhat unknown radio Dj activity in local radio stations such as "Radio Libertaria", "Radio Actividad" or "Radio Spektra". His sets in that time were rich in state-of-the-art electronic music, mainly imported from center Europe labels, along with the guitar based music that nowadays is known as "Remember". These trends have always been of influence for him, and yet today he still highlights his sets with some of those big tunes. As a result, he was distincted in some DJ gatherings in which he took part in clubs like "Sirio", "Amadeus" and "Shock", just to mention a few.

His two main residencies in the 90s where at "Discovery" (1990 - 1993) and at "Extra Radio Bar" (1993 - 1997), where he made many good friends and most of all lived fine musical and personal experiences. After a year of musical inactivity, in 2000 he came back as manager and host of the radio program "Qué noche la de aquel año", basically devoted to avant-garde music of the 90s in the now extinct radio station "Onda Urbana Valencia", that later on became "My Radio Valencia", a station in which, and until 2006, he produced and hosted the program "Dubdivision" on Thursday nights.

He spent the first years of the new century with residences in much more commercial clubs such as "Plató", "Polvo Valencia" or "Iguana Blue", that he eventually dropped to devote himself to new trends. At the end of this period, he was invited frequently by Albert Sola (Barraca) to share his booth at "Bauhaus", making clear that he had a passion for the break-through electronic music no matter the time.

September 2006 saw the birth of his most succesful project to date, the radio project, where week after week he presents and describes detailfully the best of electronic music, new and old, let it be Detroit sound, EBM, Acid House, etc. Because of the quality of this production, he's simultaneously broadcasted by 5 radio stations in different parts of the country, with A1 collaborations from people like Alberto Palacios (Loft.Co, Gijón), Alberto Sola (Barraca, Valencia), Gonçalo (Emporio, Sevilla), Nuria Ghia (BeCool, La Cova, Zoom Club, Barcelona) y Carlos Palacio (Florida135 – Sala Moma, Zaragoza). As time went by and because of his ample professional experience, he's been invited to clubs as relevant in Valencia as “Spook”, “Látex”, “Flamingo”, “Flow”, “Noche sin tregua”, “Chemikal”, “Isonora”, “D.S.O”, and of course his residence at the now closed "Café Glacé".

Always looking for something new, Kiko created the club, with two different musical ambiances and capacity to host up to 3,000 people, where he was not only resident DJ but also manager and lineup coordinator, booking both national and international artists. Nowadays he makes so in a new "mini-club" in Valencia called Plastik Club, a place where one can hear electronic music in the best of taste.

He has also worked as musical critic, both on plays and clubs in the now deceased Valencian magazine V30 and also in Last but not least, he has started the project "DocePulgadas Management", where in 2008 he'll try to manage an agency not only for booking but also for promoting new talents.


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